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Dec 23, 2020 · #GoldenGlobes: #Minari will not be competing in the best picture categories, instead it will be considered in foreign language film because ...
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light work, had to hit these LA dudes with the #shamgod lol #ballislife #21. Embedded video. 0:58. 451 views. 10:41 PM · Oct 9, 2017 from Hollywood, ...
y'all! #Netflix #frontcoverthemovie thank you to everyone who's supported, forever grateful. Image. 2:28 AM · Oct 21, 2016·Twitter for iPhone.
and she's written a lot of great sports-centric comedy/dramedy scripts.
@TheJakeChoi. Like, you know you could be outraged and concerned for both of the black man and the dog right? But most of y'all JUST see the dog smfh.
@TheJakeChoi. Name another actor that wears Mangekyou Sharingan on the red carpet, I'm waiting. Contacts by #honeycolor #SageOfTheSixPaths shirt by ...
Jake Choi. @TheJakeChoi. After playing college/semi pro lvl bball, as an Asian actor I'll probably never use bball as a "special skill".