It's Instagram's birthday! Celebrate the 10th year anniversary with a look back at all the milestones and achievements with Instagram.
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How do you get your 10th anniversary gift on Instagram?
To get the icons, you go to the settings and swipe down to reveal some party-related emoji, as demonstrated here. Once at the top, you'll unlock the icons and a message from Instagram about its 10th birthday.
How do you get the 10 year Instagram gift box?
Home screen Once you update the app, you go to the profile page, in the navigation bar on the right side you will see it upwards. After this, go to the Hamburger menu icon in the top right and select Settings. After going there, take the menu to the bottom. Take it further down, there you will see the confetti pope.
Where do you find milestones on Instagram?
You can see which milestone is available to you and your progress toward achieving that milestone on the badges milestones page, which is accessible in badges Settings. You can also see your earnings reflected in the Estimated Earnings page. Note: It might take up to 24 hours to update after you go Live.
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