Ingmar Bergman

Swedish film director
Ernst Ingmar Bergman was a Swedish film director, screenwriter, producer and playwright. Widely considered one of the most accomplished and influential filmmakers of all time, Bergman's films are known as "profoundly personal meditations into the... Wikipedia
Born: July 14, 1918, Uppsala, Sweden
Died: July 30, 2007, Fårö, Sweden
Spouse: Ingrid von Rosen (m. 1971–1995), Käbi Laretei (m. 1959–1969), Gun Grut (m. 1952–1959), and more
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Why is Bergman so great?
In over 60 films in a career spanning six decades, Bergman charted the harrowing cost of what he called “emotional poverty”. His work in all its variety is arrayed against the cynical, clinical, calculating, careless, and callous; he decries our lack of compassion and our “empty but clever” irony.
What is Ingmar Bergman's best film?

Ingmar Bergman: 10 essential films

The Seventh Seal (1957) ...
Wild Strawberries (1957) ...
Winter Light (1963) ...
Persona (1966) ...
Cries and Whispers (1972) ...
Scenes from a Marriage (1973) ...
Autumn Sonata (1978) ...
Fanny and Alexander (1982)
Is Ingmar Bergman still alive?
July 30, 2007
Ingmar Bergman / Date of death
Is Ingrid Bergman related to Ingmar Bergman?
She won her third Academy Award, in the category of Best Actress in a Supporting Role, for 1974's Murder on the Orient Express. Her final Oscar nomination, in the Best Actress category, was for 1978's Autumn Sonata, which was helmed by famed Swedish director Ingmar Bergman (to whom she was not related).
Ernst Ingmar Bergman (14 July 1918 – 30 July 2007) was a Swedish film director, screenwriter, producer and playwright. Widely considered one of the most ...
Years active: 1944–2005
Other names: Buntel Eriksson
Awards: Goethe Prize; Praemium Imperiale; Academy Award; BAFTA Fellowship
Occupation: Film director; producer; screenwriter; theater director
Ingmar Bergman, Writer: Persona. Ernst Ingmar Bergman was born July 14, 1918, the son of a priest. The film and T.V. series, The Best Intentions (1992) is ...
Art Director: A Lesson in Love (1954)
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Torment (1944)
Director: On Set Home Movies (2008)
Actor: Den obesegrade kvinnligheten (2018)
The complete Ingmar Bergman catalogue comprises around 60 films and television productions, 172 theatrical performances and approximately 300 writings.
Ingmar Bergman wrote or directed more than 60 films and 170 theatrical productions, and authored over a hundred books and articles. Among his best-known works ...
Born: 14th of July, 1918, Uppsala
Died: 30th of July, 2007,
Ingmar Bergman, in full Ernst Ingmar Bergman, (born July 14, 1918, Uppsala, Sweden—died July 30, 2007, Fårö), Swedish film writer and director who achieved ...
Education: Stockholm University
Date of death: July 30, 2007
Ingmar Bergman. This Swedish master made existential and soul-searching films that constitute one of the richest bodies of work in the history of cinema.
As one of the most accomplished and influential directors of all time, Ingmar Bergman charted an unparalleled career in film and television, ...
Jul 30, 2007 · Ingmar Bergman, the master filmmaker who found bleakness and despair as well as comedy and hope in his indelible explorations of the human ...
Born: July 14, 1918, Uppsala
Dec 22, 2021 · Ingmar Bergman: 10 essential films · Summer with Monika (1953) · Smiles of a Summer Night (1955) · The Seventh Seal (1957) · Wild Strawberries (1957).