Nate discovers that Juliet has been lying about where she lives, and that she is poor. Dan realizes that he still has feelings for Serena. In the ending scene, Juliet makes contact with Jenny and asks for her help to take Serena down and Jenny is more than happy to help.
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What happened in Season 4 of Gossip Girl?
Serena and Blair run into Chuck in Paris, and is reluctant to return to New York with Eva, as he's assuming a fake identity with her. Back in New York, Juliet suggests to Nate that tricking Vanessa to be with Dan might be the right thing to remove Dan from their love triangle with Serena.
Who is pregnant at the end of Season 4 Gossip Girl?
In an interview with People Magazine, Gossip Girl producers Josh Safran and Stephanie Savage reveal that the unborn child of Blair and Louis was, in fact, a girl.
Does Chuck Bass die in Season 4 of Gossip Girl?
"Gossip Girl" wrapped up its season with an hour-long finale Tuesday night. The show ended with two dramatic twists: Chuck Bass getting shot, and Georgina Sparks informing Dan Humphrey she's pregnant with his child.
Who is Gossip Girl at the end of season 5?
Charlie's real identity is revealed to everyone, as is who put her up to it and why. Gossip Girl's identity is revealed: but is it the real one? The van der Woodsen/Rhodes family dynamic changes after a shocking revelation is made, surrounding the real Charlie, Lola Rhodes and the death of another family member.
May 16, 2011 · At the end of the episode, we see Charlie getting off a bus and meeting up with Carol. But Carol thanks her for her work and calls her “Ivy.” So ...
"The Wrong Goodbye" is the 87th episode of The CW television series Gossip Girl. It is also the 22nd and final episode of the fourth season. Plot · Production · Casting
The Wrong Goodbye is the 22nd episode of the fourth season and the 87th overall. It is also the season finale. Transitions in life are usually marked by ... Recap · Starring
After her interview with Tim Gunn is sabotaged, Jenny reveals a secret that will damage everyone involved. Meanwhile, Serena learns that Colin is actually her ... Finale Airdate: May 16, 2011 Premiere Airdate: September 13, 2010
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May 17, 2011 · Things are more complicated, obviously, for Chuck and Blair. Out for one last drink together, they end up crashing the world's best bar mitzvah, ...
May 17, 2011 · Blair and Chuck have one last night together. At the end, they realize that they can never love anyone like each other. So you know that means, ...
May 17, 2011 · S4 E22. type. TV Show. Was that the finale of Gossip Girl or a fever ... a Single White Female on her last roomie and it did not end well.