Personality. One of the nicest characters in the whole film, she looks quite friendly and open. She doesn't seem to have a close relationship with Chandler or Duke, but Chandler seems to trust Heather enough to let her into their clique and speaks to her in a much kinder way than she speaks to Duke.
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What are the personalities of the Heathers?

Heathers MBTI

Veronica [ENFP: The Champion]
J.D. [ENTP: The Visionary]
Heather Duke [ISFJ: The Nurturer]
Heather McNamara [ESFP: The Performer]
Heather Chandler [ESFJ: The Supporter]
How does Heather McNamara die?
Cause of death
Heather McNamara
Bled out from slit wrists
Herself (suicide)
Ram Sweeney
David Waters
Suffocated from car exhaust fumes
JD and Veronica Sawyer
Margie Kane
Accidentally shot at gun range
Maurice Dennis
Personality. Compared to Chandler and Duke, McNamara is more friendly and docile and is the only one to truly redeem herself at the end, ...

Crimes: Complicit in attempted rape (implied)
Type of Villain: Redeemed Abuser
Heather McNamara, portrayed by Lisanne Falk, is a support character in the cult classic film Heathers. She is the head cheerleader at Westerburg High and is ...
Manipulative, ruthless bitch that she is, Heather herself is dealing with some issues of her own, mostly being pressured into having sex with a guy she dislikes ...
This is a quiz to see which major character from Heathers you are. I don't own any of this except for my original ideas. (Warning: mentions death and ...
Voice: Strong belt to F or higher preferred. Heather Mcnamara. Character age 17. Beautiful, innocent, stupid, can be mean on command if Heather Chandler ...
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May 9, 2021 · Out of the four girls in the Heathers group, Heather McNamara is the least memorable, which is mainly because she doesn't get quite as much ...
Heather Duke, Heather McNamara, Veronica Sawyer,. 28 and Heather Chandler. 2. Fig 2. Veronica hangs herself. 40. 3. Fig 3. Veronica opens her eyes after her ...