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Nov 16, 2017 · This is a famous Chinese ancient guqin song, describing the ...
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Posted: Nov 16, 2017
Video for Guqin Flowing Water
Dec 18, 2010 · Guqin - Flowing Water 流水. 48,793 views48K views. Dec 18, 2010. 364. Dislike. Share. Save ...
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Posted: Dec 18, 2010
Video for Guqin Flowing Water
Jul 30, 2017 · The famous guqin piece "Flowing Water" (流水) performed by Yang Qing set alongside a ...
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Posted: Jul 30, 2017
Video for Guqin Flowing Water
Feb 25, 2012 · Flowing water. This piece in some form has been played on the guqin (at least in legend) since ...
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Posted: Feb 25, 2012
Formerly part of a combined song called High Mountains Flowing Water, the song was broken up into High Mountains and Flower Water during the ...
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Posted: Nov 14, 2020
Flowing Water (Classic Guqin Music) ... The tablature notation of this piece first appeared in the Spiritual and Mysteries Score (Shengqui Mipu) in 1425, which ...
He is associated with the guqin pieces Gao Shan "高山" ("high mountains") and Liu Shui "流水" ("flowing water"). According to Qin Shi, Liezi said:.
This essay is a brief examination of temporal models taken from traditional Chinese guqin music. Focusing on the famous composition Flowing Waters, the.
This is a popular legendary story about the guqin. The term “High Mountain and Flowing Water” was later used to describe as meeting a great listener.
This recording includes a representative nese music ---the Guqin composition –the flowing water. The reason to select a work played on this specific ...