Find Your Beach

Good Girls: Season 3, Episode 1
Beth makes a new friend while struggling to process her guilt over Rio's death; the women perfect their latest business venture just as Agent Turner and his surprising informant complicate their plans to launch.
Air date: February 16, 2020
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Why did Rio kill Agent Turner?
Beth perceives Rio to be dead, and so do the viewers. Then, in Season 3, it is the first episode where viewers learn (unbeknownst to Beth) that Rio did survive the shooting, and not only that, but he kills Agent Turner to keep him away from the girls' money laundering operation.
Is Rio dead on Good Girls?
While there is an obvious attraction between the two, they have tried killing each other. At the end of season 3, we see that Beth, Annie, and Ruby once again try to free themselves from Rio's control and hire a hitman to kill him. Much to their shock, Rio is still alive when the fourth season begins.
Does Rio kill Beth?
Why Rio may never kill Beth After he killed Lucy, she plotted to have her crime boss murdered. However, the shooter didn't kill Rio, who later found out that Beth set him up. Instead of killing Beth and her loved ones, he teamed up with her to operate another scheme.
Do Stan and Ruby Stay Together Season 3?
Ruby and Stan are staying together At the end of season 3, Ruby's marriage takes another hit when she steals from her husband Stan's (Reno Wilson) strip club, but thankfully, their relationship perseveres. ... “Stan before, the first couple seasons, was a little judgy of Ruby's choices.
Feb 16, 2020 · Beth takes the gang to meet Lucy, who is an ace of a graphic designer. They need help perfecting their money design, so they fake a “casino ...
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Find Your Beach: Directed by Michael Weaver. With Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman, Reno Wilson. A new season of scheming begins as the ladies ...
Three suburban moms orchestrate a local grocery store heist to escape financial ruin and establish independence -- together. Watch Pilot. Episode 1 of Season ...
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Episodes (11) · 1. Find Your Beach. February 15, 2020. 42min. TV-14 · 2. Not Just Cards. February 22, 2020. 43min. TV-14 · 3. Egg Roll. February 29, 2020. 43min.
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Feb 16, 2020 · GOOD GIRLS — “Find Your Beach” Episode 301 — Pictured: Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland– (Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC) · GOOD ...
Feb 16, 2020 · Good Girls Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes. Annie: These are microscopic inconsistencies. It's close enough. JT: Okay, boo. Close enough'll get you ...
Episode Info. Beth makes a new friend while struggling to process her guilt over Rio's death. Meanwhile, the women perfect their latest business venture just as ... Air Date: Feb 16, 2020
James Lesure as FBI Agent Jimmy Turner (seasons 1–2, guest season 3), who is investigating Rio and, later, the women. He ...
Feb 16, 2020 · Rio isn't dead. He has been living in a hotel room while he heals. Now, Turner wants to know what he wants in exchange for the information he ...