To register, text GOWATCH399 to 8080. GoWATCH29 ... This requires active subscription to any of the following promos: GoSURF50 and up, GoSAKTO70, or GoSAKTO90. To ...
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What is GoWATCH in Globe?
How do I use Globe GoWATCH?


Register to GoWATCH by sending the GoWATCH keyword to 8080.
All set! You'll receive a confirmation text once your GoWATCH promo is active. CHOOSE YOUR GOWATCH. Text the keyword to 8080 to register. 399. GoWATCH399. ADD-ON. 399/30 DAYS. DATA. 10GB. This requires active subscription to GoSURF 299 or higher.
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What is HomeWATCH in Globe?
HomeWATCH is a new set of promos for Home Prepaid WiFi that gives generous daily GBs for YouTube.
What HomeWATCH 199?
HomeWATCH199 lets you binge-watch on a budget with. It offers up to 34GB of data, valid for 7 days with a daily cap of 6GB open access data + 4GB for videos. ... It comes with up to 75GB of data valid for 15 days, a daily internet allocation of up to 15GB of open access data from apps or websites and 4GB of video content.
GoWATCH is Globe's new promo designed for video streaming on mobile by giving you additional bulk MBs on top of your GoSURF data allowance.
May 2, 2020 · GOWATCH29, a very affordable add-on video streaming promo from Globe's GoWATCH. This promo includes 2GB of video streaming in YouTube, ...
May 2, 2020 · GOWATCH99, a very affordable standalone video streaming promo from Globe's GoWATCH. This promo includes 2.5GB of video streaming in YouTube, ...
Apr 19, 2021 · Want to watch it now? Globe postpaid and prepaid subscribers can watch the film on their devices for only PHP 149 per month on HBO Go.
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Add more sparkle to your day with these sweet dramas on WeTV. Subscribe to more shows via ...
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Apr 30, 2021 · Globe banks on its success and releases other GO promos similar to it. ... Go+99 GoWATCH for video apps that includes YouTube, Netflix, Viu, ...
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Jul 27, 2021 · 8GB open-access data · 8GB data for choice of apps (GoWATCH, GoPLAY, GoSHARE, GoLEARN, or GoWORK) · Total of 16GB data · Unlimited texts to all ...
Jan 11, 2022 · List of Globe GoPLUS Promo in 2022: GoPlus99. 8 GB Data + Unlimited Text to all networks + 8 GB choice of GoWatch, GoPlay, GoShare, GoLearn, ...