With her husband Morty (Steve Lawrence), the couple has 2 daughters, Nadine & Fran (Sylvia and Morty are also the names of Fran Drescher's real-life parents).
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Who plays Frans dad?
Does Fran Fine's dad ever appear?
Her real life dad appeared on the show several times, both playing Fine's father Morty and Uncle Stanley. Age difference: The actor who played Fran's grandma, Yetta (Ann Morgan Guilbert) was actually only five years older than the actor who played Fran's mum, Sylvia (played by Renée Taylor).
Who is Frans dad?
Morty Fine
Fran Fine / Father
Who played the father in The Nanny?
Charles Shaughnessy, 5th Baron Shaughnessy (born February 9, 1955) is an English actor. Shaughnessy is known for his roles on American television, including Shane Donovan on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, and Maxwell Sheffield on the sitcom The Nanny, and as the voice of Dennis the Goldfish on Stanley.
Trivia · Up until Ma'ternal Affairs, Morty is hardly seen. · Morty is deaf and on a pension. · Before being portrayed by Steve Lawrence to reveal his face, he was ... Episode Count: Episodes Last Appearance: The Finale Part II First Appearance: The Pilot Family/Spouse: Yetta Rosenberg (mother-in-law); Shlomo Rosenberg (father-in-law; deceased); Sammy Jones (stepfather-in-law); ...
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With Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Lauren Lane. Fran checks into a man that his mother is seeing and coaches her father on spicing up ...
Mort Drescher, Actor: The Nanny. Mort Drescher was born on October 29, 1929 in the USA as Morton Drescher. He is an actor, known for The Nanny (1993), ...
Apr 8, 2014 · In real life, just like on the show, Fran's parents are called Sylvia and Morty and her sister is called Nadine. Her real life dad appeared on ...
Mar 29, 2016 · THE actors who played Mr Sheffield, Fran Fine and Sylvia Fine on the '90s sitcom got ... both playing Fine's father Morty and Uncle Stanley.
Mar 11, 2021 · The 62-year-old actress played the title role of nanny Fran Fine for the series she ... And John Leguizamo could play [Fran's dad], Morty.
In 1999, he appeared as the much-talked about, but never really seen, Morty Fine, father of Fran Fine . In 2011, he portrayed Jack, a wealthy love interest ...
Apr 2, 2017 · 1. Chester, Miss Babcock's dog, was Fran Fine's dog in real life. · 2. Sylvia, Morty, and Nadine are the names of Fran's family members, not just ...