Jan 31, 2012 · The episode, entitled, "Hee Haw! Hee Haw!," was replaced with a rerun on orders from NBC's parent, Comcast, after news of the donkey semen stunt ...
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Jun 21, 2013 · The complete part in which participants of Fear Factor drunk donkey semen and urine. This ...
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Posted: Jun 21, 2013
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What was the worst accident on Fear Factor?
Boonthanom died of brain injuries after being hit with a barrel during a stunt. While the Thai event wasn't officially linked to the show, this tragedy never would have occurred without its influence. It's the best reason of all for those who hope "Fear Factor" is finally gone for good.
Why did Fear Factor get banned?
Syndication. In 2004, Fear Factor became the first network reality show to be syndicated. ... However, as of fall 2006, Fear Factor had left local syndication due to lack of sales of NBCUniversal and was not renewed for another season next fall since NBC canceled Fear Factor after six seasons due to low ratings.
What was donkey juice?
In the scene, pairs of twins played horseshoes to determine who would get the honor of drinking "donkey juice." In this case, that means their drink options from bartender Joe Rogan were either 30 ounces of donkey urine or 24 ounces of male donkey reproductive fluid — that's a pint and a half of the stuff.
Did they really eat that stuff on Fear Factor?
Fear not though, for all of the disgusting things they had to consume were tested by the USDA first. They were all safe for consumption. Couple that with the extensive health screenings contestants were subjected to before the show, and they were actually in very little danger.
Jul 29, 2014 · Fear Factor Moments | Donkey Juice ... They say "almost" only counts in horeshoes, but for this stunt, there was no almost about it. The number ...
Aug 9, 2021 · Claire revealed that the donkey semen tasted extremely bitter 'with hints of hay'. She said she threw up a few times too and that it smelt ...
The challenge consists of the contestants drinking donkey semen. It is unknown if this challenge will ever be aired.
Jan 30, 2012 · UPDATED: Donkey semen is off the Fear Factor menu. NBC has yanked tonight's planned episode of the reality series, after it broke late last ...
Mar 17, 2017 · TIL there was an episode of Fear Factor, where contestants had to drink either donkey semen or urine. The episode was so controversial it ...
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Jun 8, 2012 · For those of you not up on your donkey semen history ... the stunt was originally supposed to ...
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Posted: Jun 8, 2012
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Feb 1, 2012 · Despite chugging donkey semen and having their episode pulled completely -- these two Fear ...
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Another episode, entitled "Hee Haw! Hee Haw!" and featuring a stunt where contestants drink the urine and semen of a donkey, was then scheduled to air January ...