Season 5. In the fifth-season premiere, Blair continues to plan her wedding, but begins to encounter problems in her relationship with Louis. It is later revealed that she is pregnant.
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Does Serena get pregnant in Gossip Girl?
After hearing about the Gossip Girl blast while with Eric, Serena runs into a frazzled Dan who blurts out that he loves her. Serena tells him that she's not pregnant, and goes to find Blair. It's revealed that Serena bought the test for her because Blair mentioned that her period was late.
What episode is Serena pregnant?
“You're pregnant,” Mark tells her. Indeed, season 4 episode 2 confirms Serena is pregnant. This revelation changes her behavior (she seeks forgiveness from people who owe her none).
Do Chuck and Blair have a baby season 6?
Chuck Bass Finally Got A Family He managed to hold on long enough to ask Chuck to save him in front of Blair. ... He and Blair have a young son named Henry. Chuck seems to be quite pleased and satisfied. He finally has the family fans watched him desperately need for six seasons.
Does Dan and Serena have a baby?
Soon after, Dan discovers that Lily had Rufus' lovechild many years ago and that she gave the baby up for adoption. Knowing he shares a biological sibling with Serena, he begins to distance himself from her (In the Realm of the Basses).
She begins to experience morning sickness, and eventually admits to Dan that she is pregnant after he mistakingly assumes her eating disorder has returned ( ...
After Gossip Girl posts a picture of Serena looking at pregnancy tests, everyone thinks that she must be pregnant. Jenny, Dan, and Rufus see the news online ... Plot · Reception
Jul 2, 2021 · Of course, the very first episode of Gossip Girl has to be on this ... for guys within five minutes; Blair, who pretty much hates Serena but ...
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Oct 8, 2011 · Blair is pregnant. ... Blair Waldorf is pregnant. 531,766 views531K views. Oct 8, 2011 ... NaN ...Duration: 4:15
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Oct 10, 2011 · Dan helped Blair face her baby-daddy issues, while Nate got his ... first season-five scene together was equal parts tragic and epic, right?
Jan 16, 2012 · When we last left the Upper East Side two months ago, Chuck was almost dead, Blair was pregnant, Serena was determined to take down GG with ...
Feb 22, 2021 · Why Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) being revealed as Gossip Girl ... When he outs Serena for buying a pregnancy test (season 1, episode 13, ...
Nov 8, 2019 · Early on in the episode, Dan tells Serena, “This year's gonna be a little quieter, I guess.” He's, of course, very wrong, though no Thanksgiving ...
Jun 24, 2020 · In season 5, Blair and Chuck discover that Bart is still alive and find him hiding out at a brothel. Thankfully he dies at the end of episode 9 ...