Boonthanom died of brain injuries after being hit with a barrel during a stunt. While the Thai event wasn't officially linked to the show, this tragedy never would have occurred without its influence. It's the best reason of all for those who hope "Fear Factor" is finally gone for good.
Apr 27, 2021
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Why did Fear Factor get canceled?
However, the show's winning formula fizzled out in 2006 and it was canceled (for the first time) due to sagging ratings, according to The Hollywood Reporter; but it's actually the show's second cancellation that went on to become the stuff of reality TV legend.
Has anyone died on a reality show?
Perhaps one of the strangest accidental reality TV deaths is Gerald Babin's. He died while filming Koh-Lanta, the French version of Survivor, in Cambodia. Babin was said to be dehydrated after collapsing in the sand and complaining of cramps. Ultimately, producers took him to a hospital.
Did Joe Rogan punch someone on Fear Factor?
As soon as Joe Rogan told the woman off, her husband decided to get into Rogan's face and started yelling at him. This started a physical altercation between the two and the UFC commentator grabbed the guy by his neck, put him into a clinch and the rest is history.
Jan 5, 2022
Are the stunts on Fear Factor real?
Contestants had to complete stunts involving animals, then complete a stunt based on a common fear amongst all the competitors in that episode, then do an extreme physical stunt. For the first season, the team who performed best in the first challenge won "FearVantage," which gave them advantage in the second round.
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