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What happened to Daniel Davis?
Daniel Davis, who today is an established theatre actor, has starred in several Broadway and theatre productions. Featuring on such productions as "The Invention Of Love," "The Frogs," and "Wrong Mountain," among others, earned him widespread recognition.
Who is Daniel Davis married to?
He's been married to wife Kelly Murkey since 2006. The British butler who was NOT ACTUALLY BRITISH in real life (shock horror) is now 72. American-born Davis is still going strong on the acting front.
Why was Daniel Davis not at the Nanny reunion?
About. The cast talk about the show and watch bloopers that were not previously shown on television, they also talk about things that are happening to them in their lives. Daniel Davis was performing in the musical La Cage aux Folleson Broadway at the time of the reunion, so he could not appear.
How old is Daniel Davis?
75 years (November 26, 1945)
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Daniel Davis (born November 26, 1945) is an American stage, screen, and television actor. Davis is best known for portraying Niles the butler on the sitcom ... Life and career · Career · Theatre · Filmography Born: November 26, 1945 (age 75); Gurdon, Arkansas, U.S Other names: Danny Davis Years active: 1970–Present
Daniel Davis, Actor: Star Trek: The Next Generation. This Arkansas native was born on 26 ... Actor. Dispatches from Elsewhere Octavio Coleman, Esq. (2020). Actor: Dispatches from Elsewhere Octavio Coleman, Esq. (2020) Soundtrack: The Nanny (1993-1995)
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