A very dark, gritty and bloody take on the vampire mythos, Blood Ransom is one of my favorite in this genre. It's sexy and very violent, which is how these ...
Rating (5)
After a man (Alexander Dreymon) kidnaps her away from her immortal master, a woman (Anne Curtis) must decide whether to complete her transformation into a ... Genre: Mystery & thriller, Romance Release Date (Theaters): Oct 31, 2014 limited Release Date (Streaming): Aug 22, 2017
Blood Ransom is a 2014 independent American thriller vampire romance film directed by ... Blood Ransom at IMDb ˇ Blood Ransom at Rotten Tomatoes ... Plot ˇ Cast Box office: P80 million Release date: October 29, 2014 (Philippines); October 31, 2014 (United States)
Rating (49)
Blood Ransom. (49)1 h 31 min201718+. When Jeremiah is trapped by an ill-fated plot to kidnap Crystal, evil Roman unleashes the psychopath, Bill, ...
Rating (46) Blood Ransom [Blu-ray] : Albert Chang, Barclay DeVeau, Francis dela Torre, Alexander Dreymon, Anne Curtis, Caleb Hunt, Jamie Harris, ...
Oct 30, 2014 ˇ Blood Ransom” follows a beautiful vampire-in-the-making as she goes on ... Anne Curtis in "Blood Ransom. ... Movie data powered by
Produced by. Joanna Bolkiah, associate producer, Albert Chang ˇ producer. Kim Coleman, co-producer, Francis dela Torre, producer.