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Raúl Álvarez Genes, better known by his online alias AuronPlay, is a Spanish YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and comedian. As of September 2021, his YouTube channel has over 3.6 billion total video views, and he is the third most-subscribed YouTuber in... Wikipedia
Born: November 5, 1988 (age 32 years), Badalona, Spain
Height: 5′ 8″
Followers: 10.2 million
Partner(s): Sara "Biyín" Moledo (2013–present)
Also known as: Auron
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Where is Auronplay from?
Badalona, Spain
Raúl Álvarez Genes / Place of birth
How old is Auronplay?
32 years (November 5, 1988)
Raúl Álvarez Genes / Age
What time does Auronplay stream?
auronplay. 10.5M followers. Report auronplay ... auronplay · TortillaLand #53 || Habrá que empezar el castillo... !LG. 4:21:57. 2.8M views. 2 days ago ...
Posted: Jul 7, 2016
Raúl Álvarez Genes (born 5 November 1988), better known by his online alias AuronPlay, is a Spanish YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and comedian.
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Subscribers: 28.5 million
Years active: 2006–present
Born: Raúl Álvarez Genes; 5 November 1988 (age 32); Badalona, Catalonia, Spain
Partner(s): Sara "Biyín" Moledo (2013–)
16.6m Followers, 309 Following, 797 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @auronplay.
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Duration: 11:44
Posted: Aug 29, 2017
Auronplay is renowned for his GTA RP streams on the Spanish-speaking RP server called Marbella Vice. The server itself is as large as NoPixel, ...
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Auronplay is one of the most popular streamers on all of Twitch, boasting 4.6 million followers, in addition to his 25-million subscribers on ...
Posted: Sep 26, 2020
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Oct 11, 2021 · Raúl Álvarez Genes, better known as AuronPlay, is one of the top gaming YouTubers and Twitch streamers in the entire world, ...