In short the person is pure evil. ... It takes a while but Caleb soon discovers that the killer was someone who just happened to live, as a boy, in the very ...
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Who was the killer in absence of good?
Only Bart Gaskin, the probable killer, remains at large. Caleb must quickly trace his way through all the places once rented by the Gaskins before the current residents are singled out for murder, but there's also a chance the psycho will strike considerably closer to Caleb's own home.
What is the movie absence of the good about?
A troubled detective and his partner investigate the bludgeoning deaths of a woman and her neighbour, but these seemingly unrelated deaths result in the discovery a serial killer may be at work.
Absence of the Good / Film synopsis
Apr 29, 2022 · At the same time Barnes home life is beginning to crumble in the wake of his sons accidental death. Stephen Baldwin Janice Knickrehm.
Salt Lake City is being terrorized by a psychotic mass murderer with an unusual MO: After bludgeoning his victims to death, the homicidal maniac does his ...
Homicide detective Caleb Barnes (Baldwin) is mourning the accidental death of his only child while investigating a series of murders in Salt Lake City. He's ...
Caleb becomes soon obsessed by this case while Mary is brought to the hospital after an overdose.
Rating (37)
loses touch withhis soul. When a series of seemingly unrelated murders plagues Salt Lake City, the detective hides his grief in search of the killer.
Rating (95)
At the same time, Barnes' home life is beginning to crumble in the wake of his son's accidental death.
Absence of the Good is a 1999 American made-for-television thriller film starring Stephen Baldwin and directed by John Flynn.
A detective (Stephen Baldwin) tracks a killer who cleans up the crime scene after bludgeoning victims. Rating: R. Genre: Mystery & thriller.
Jul 9, 2006 · And the power of a good ending has particular resonance in a "closure" society, a society that strives for finality in things of the heart ...
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