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Why did they write Josh off 30 Rock?
However, the fictional variety show became more of a backdrop, the three supporting cast members of protagonists, Liz and Jack, became smaller roles than originally planned. Josh even seemed to be written out of the script after the first season, which led to his departure.
Who is Pete Hornberger based on?
Why Tracy left 30 Rock?
Tracy Morgan had to be written out of a few episodes of season five following a kidney transplant. Jon Hamm auditioned for the role of Jack Donaghy. He appeared on the show as Dr. Drew Baird.
Is Alec Baldwin supposed to be Lorne in 30 Rock?
In an NPR interview, Baldwin said he based the character, Jack Donaghy, mostly on Lorne Michaels. He said, “professionally, he's a prototype of several GE executives, but in his personal life, he's Lorne Michaels.
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