I think it's important to officially list, so what are the names and seasons of the episodes that were recently removed?
As a new fan I would like to see ALL of the episodes, regardless of any offensive jokes they ... r/30ROCK - Happy Werewolf Bar Mitzvah season, 30 Rockers!
I finally watching the series and I love it but saw 4 episodes are removed from existence and was wondering how funny and relevant to the story they are.
I found 30 rock about 2 months back and love the show, but unfortunately a few episodes were removed because of blackface. I just really want to …
Dec 25, 2020 These missing episodes! 30Rock is incomplete. So I started watching this live back when Season 4 first aired on NBC.
The episodes deleted last year for blackface were sadly one of my favorites. ... r/30ROCK - Happy Werewolf Bar Mitzvah season, 30 Rockers!
What bothered me about the episodes being removed was that the removal completely missed the point of the episode. The point of the episode is that it's...
It would be nice to compile a thread with links to watch the 7 deleted episodes. I'm sure they will change over time so maybe we can sidebar this to …
Jun 23, 2020 It was the best example of satire I've seen on television and as a 30rock super fan I am devastated. What do y'all think?