The sixth season of 30 Rock, an American television comedy series on the NBC network in the United States, began airing on January 12, 2012. 30 Rock was ...
Apr 21, 2021 · After five seasons, Jonathan disappeared from 30 Rock, and here's the reason behind the actor's departure and how the character eventually ...
Dec 13, 2011 · To be fair, there was even another bump intricately involved in delaying the sixth season of the NBC sitcom to mid-season. That bump, of course, ...
Nov 14, 2018 · ... kept their looks consistent throughout 30 Rock's seven season run. Which 30 Rock cast member do you think looks the most different?
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Season 6 30 Rock. Critics Consensus. 30 Rock feels content to spin its zany ... ever get in the way of the laughs, but when they do it really hits home.
Apr 7, 2011 · While you might be wondering how Fey can work her bundle of joy into next season's plot, here's a quick list of ways her pregnancy won't change ...
Jan 13, 2012 · Spoilers for the season 6 premiere of 30 Rock below: ... and has dated guys who look like Matt Damon and Jon Hamm would be able to move past ...
30 Rock. 2006 | TV-14 | 7 Seasons | TV Comedies ... Episode 6 of Season 1. ... Jenna is scheduled to appear on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" but Jack ...
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Why did Jonathan leave 30 Rock?
Despite the fact that he was such a prominent presence in Jack's life, Jonathan was notably absent from 30 Rock Season 6. The show explained his absence away by saying he had to look after his sick grandmother. But behind the scenes, Pancholy left 30 Rock for a role on sitcom Whitney.
Why did Jenna gain weight in 30 Rock?
Liz returns from summer hiatus to discover that Tracy's co-star, Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski), has gained a lot of weight after a stint in a Broadway musical production of “Mystic Pizza” that required her to eat many slices a night onstage.
Was 30 Rock supposed to be Cancelled?
Despite the constant threat of cancellation, 30 Rock essentially ended on its own terms. ... But ultimately, her team was able to make a decision to end 30 Rock. As she explained, "All good things come to an end." Fey believed her team told good stories and had a lot of fun with the show.
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Drama erupts at TGS when a cell phone video leaks onto the web with Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) on an offensive rant. Liz (Tina Fey) tries to do damage control.