Dina Fox was the assistant manager of Cloud 9 Store 1217, was born in St. Louis ... Dina takes advantage of her pregnancy to scam Glenn into accommodating ... Lauren Ash · Garrett McNeill · Marcus

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Who is the father of Dina's baby on superstore?
Superstore: Knife-Wielding Dean Norris Plays Dina's Dad — 2020 FIRST LOOK. Superstore will ring in the new year with a long-awaited (and potentially dangerous) family reunion, when Dean Norris enters Cloud 9 as Dina's deadbeat dad.
Who gets Dina pregnant on superstore?
Dina and Cheyenne speculate who the father is, and Amy reveals that she slept with Adam recently when they both felt alone. At the end of the episode, Amy approaches Jonah in the warehouse and the two share a kiss, followed by her revealing that she's pregnant.
What episode does Dina get pregnant?
Her episode, “Gender Reveal,” which airs Thursday night, will dive deeper into Dina's pregnancy. “We see her coming to terms with what she signed up for,” Ash says as Dina deals with the changes to her body and her relationship with Glenn.
Rose Sturgis is the daughter of Glenn and Jerusha Sturgis. Born in late 2018, Dina was her surrogate mother. Character History ...
Apr 19, 2018 · The actress who plays Dina on the NBC series talks to ET about writing her first episode and wearing pregnancy bellies.
pregnantish Profile: Lauren Ash, Star of NBC's Superstore and Founder of @ ... Her character Dina, the assistant manager at Cloud9, even had a fertility storyline  ...
Dec 13, 2018 · Dina also starts the fourth season very pregnant, in the last days of her paid surrogacy for Glenn (Mark McKinney), the Cloud 9 store manager.
Dec 5, 2018 · Dina (Lauren Ash) and Amy (America Ferrera) gave birth during the “Delivery Day” episode of the NBC comedy, but rather than have the women ...
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Nov 1, 2018 · Amy (America Ferrera) and Dina (Lauren Ash) deliver their babies in very different hospitals ...Duration: 2:40
Posted: Nov 1, 2018
In the season 3 episode "Gender Reveal", Amy tells Dina and Cheyenne she is pregnant, the result of a one-night stand she had with ...