In Good Girls Season 3, Beth became fed up with Rio's actions. After he killed Lucy, she plotted to have her crime boss murdered. However, the ...Duration: 1:41
Posted: Apr 25, 2021
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Is Rio in love with Beth?
'Good Girls' showrunner Bill Krebs hinted that Rio is in love with Beth. Since their encounter in season 2, Rio and Beth have only maintained their business relationship.
What happens with Beth and Rio?
With intense threats and passionate conversations, Rio and Beth finally hooked up in Season 2. But, their "romance" was short-lived and the pair went back to heated exchanges. In Season 3, Beth hired a hitman to kill the gang member and free herself and her two friends from his control.
Does Rio know BETH not pregnant?
As we all know by now (and if you don't, major Good Girls spoilers ahead), Beth shot Rio a few times back in the Season 2 finale, leaving him to die. Except he didn't, and he came back in Season 3. And while we learned that Beth was pregnant, the news came shortly after discovering that Rio was still alive.
Do Rio and Beth get back together in season 3?
They've split apart, they've come back together, and Beth has even lost access to her children for a time — it's been rough!
Feb 23, 2020 · Beth may have thought she was free and clear of Rio after ... If Rio does intend to kill Beth, though, he likely won't do so right away.
Aug 17, 2020 · Rio was determined to kill Beth but she made up a lie about being pregnant and later faked a miscarriage. The criminal ended up stealing all of ...
Mar 8, 2021 · The answer is: yes ... and no. Season 2 of Good Girls ended on a pretty major cliffhanger where Rio (Manny Montana) tried to force Beth to kill ...
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Apr 9, 2021 · Unfortunately, Fitz refused to quit because if he didn't kill Rio, that meant he'd have to kill Beth for her to remain silent.
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May 3, 2020 · BANS: We want you to feel like Beth does, which is like, "Oh my God, ... this season with him wanting to kill her because she shot him, ...
So kidnapping Turner to get Beth to shoot him is simply overkill. Kidnapping her is overkill cause Rio didnt need to do that to get her to follow him.
Mar 3, 2021 · Dean buys a gun and plans to have a go at killing Rio but Beth ... (Andrew McCarthy), who demands an extortionate fee to do the job.