Neal McDonough
Anders was a recurring character in the seventh season. He is portrayed by Neal McDonough and debuts in "Welcome to Bardo".
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Who is Bill's daughter in the 100?
Jason Rothenberg confirmed that Callie is Grace Cadogan and Bill Cadogan's daughter. Her character was announced on February 12, 2020. She is a founder of the Grounders and the first Flamekeeper. Callie invented the language Trigedasleng as a child for yet unknown reasons.
Why did Bill Cadogan burn Becca?
In Season Five, it was revealed that Becca was burned at the stake by the Second Dawn cult on the orders of Bill Cadogan. In Season Seven, it is revealed that she was killed in order to get the Flame as Cadogan believed that it was the key to finding the secrets of the Anomaly's true power.
Who did Anders wake up?
When Anders wakes Cadogan up at the end of “The Queen's Gambit,” Cadogan implies that it is ahead of some kind of schedule. He asks if the Disciples have cracked the code and if the war is over. Anders confirms that neither has come to pass, but that he has found the key (aka Clarke) to winning the war.
Who is the old guy in 100 Season 7?
On their way to retrieve a cure for Octavia, he tells Diyoza that The Old Man is actually Gabriel. He explains that Gabriel had a moral awakening and decided to turn against the Primes. He asks Diyoza to join their cause, but Diyoza refuses because she has an offer to raise her baby in Sanctum.
William "Bill" Cadogan, also known as the Shepherd was a recurring character in the fourth and seventh seasons. He is portrayed by John Pyper-Ferguson and ... Second Dawn · The Four Horsemen · John Pyper-Ferguson · Otis First Appearance: The Four Horsemen Last Appearance: The Last War Cause of Death: Shot through the back of the head then shot multiple times in the back Family: Unnamed Mother†; Unnamed Father†; Grace Cadogan†(ex-wife); Callie Cadogan†(daughter); Reese Cadogan†(son)
Jul 2, 2020 · Bill Cadogan was a cult leader on pre-apocalypse Earth. He founded a doomsday cult called Second Dawn. Cadogan believed that an ...
Jul 2, 2020 · First appearing way in Season 4, Bill was the founder of a doomsday cult known as the Second Dawn that bilked its followers out of millions in the ...
Jun 20, 2020 · Critical to the Anomaly story is Bardo and its leader, Anders, played by Neal McDonough. He was hinted at in the very end of season 6 of The 100 ...
The 100 (pronounced The Hundred) is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama ... Its later revealed that the Shepherd is Bill Cadogan, the founder and leader of the Second Dawn ... However, after Anders opens the Anomaly, a dying Disciple detonates a grenade and Bellamy vanishes when the explosion clears.
Jul 4, 2020 · The 100 is well into its seventh and final season on The CW and while the ... Anders calls him the Shepherd, but fans of the series know him as ... Bill Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) warning a large group that "the end is ...
Eliza Taylor. Clarke Griffin / Josephine Lightbourne (100 episodes, 2014-2020) ... Bill Cadogan (10 episodes, 2017-2020) ... Anders (5 episodes, 2020) ...
Jul 1, 2020 · If you looked closely when he opened the cryo-chamber, you could see that it said: “William Cadogan.” He asks Anders to call him Bill. The CW.
Jul 8, 2020 · Tonight 'The 100', 'Anaconda,' sets up the origin story of Second Dawn's ... The doors open and Anders is there with The Shepherd. ... And that's when she recognizes that this is Bill Cadogan, the founder of the Second Dawn.