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Liz eventually fixes Diana up with the actor playing Jack (William Baldwin, Alec Baldwin's real life brother) to keep her away from Jack.
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Kidnapped by Danger ... The actor cast as Jack in his TV movie immerses himself in his character, including taking an interest in Avery's mom. Meanwhile, Jenna ...
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Is Jack Donaghy based on Jack Welch?
He may be a coldhearted corporate tactician at times, but he also cares deeply about his people, and does the little things to let them know it. This, more than any other character trait, appears to be based on Jack Welch, the GE chief executive from 1981 to 2004.
What happened to Avery Jessup?
At the end of Season 5, Avery traveled to North Korea as part of NBC News' Hot Blondes in Weird Places Initiative and was kidnapped by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. ... She returned at the end of Season 6 to renew hers and Jack's wedding vows, but they ended up getting divorced.
Which Baldwin brother is in 30 Rock?
On March 22, 2012, Baldwin guest starred on the NBC show 30 Rock. Baldwin plays Lance Drake Mandrell, an actor who plays Jack Donaghy – the role played in the series by Baldwin's real-life brother Alec – in a made-for-TV movie within the show.
Who does Jack from 30 Rock end up with?
When Liz pretends Jack has proposed to her, Bianca attacks her and Jack is finally satisfied that Bianca still wants him. The couple finally officially divorce after 18 years of legal separation. Jack acquires "full stake in the Arby's franchises [he and Bianca] bought outside of Telluride" in the divorce settlement.
John Francis "Jack" Donaghy is a fictional character on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock, ... When he executive produces Kidnapped by Danger: The Avery Jessup Story, ...
Mar 29, 2012 · Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy might soon be reunited with his wife. ... Kidnapped by Danger, in which Jenna (Jane Krakowski) played Avery.
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Mar 22, 2012 · ... around the elaborate meta-joke of a TV movie within the show within the show with Billy Baldwin playing an actor playing Jack Donaghy…
The actor cast as Jack in his TV movie immerses himself in his character, including taking an interest in Avery's mom. Meanwhile, Jenna and Tracy try to ...
Apr 2, 2012 · '30 Rock' Recap: 'Kidnapped by Danger' ... In the last episode of 30 Rock, Jack decided to make a made-for-TV movie about his and Avery's love ...
Kristen Schaal has no role to play this week, and the only real continued threads are the production of Jack's Avery Jessup movie and Kenneth once again ...