So, why is Nikki wearing a wig on 'The Young and the Restless'? Just like any other cast member of The Young and the Restless, actress Melody Thomas Scott was asked to do her hair and makeup as part of the new regulations aimed at preventing the further spread of COVID-19.
Aug 20, 2020
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Is Nikki on Y&R wearing a wig?
Some actors had some longer locks and facial hair, but some fans were wondering why Melody Thomas Scott was wearing a wig as Nikki on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS! ... But fans can rest assured that Nikki Newman will always be a glamorous diva no matter what!
Is Eric Braeden ill?
In short, no. Eric is very much alive and well. And it doesn't look like the 79-year-old going anywhere anytime soon.
How much is Nikki Newman worth?
How old is Nikki Newman in real life?
Aug 24, 2020 · The Young and The Restless star Melody Thomas Scott explains the real reason why she's wearing a wig on-screen as Nikki in recent episodes.
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Aug 24, 2020 · The Young and the Restless returned to the TV screen earlier this month and fans are super ...Duration: 3:23
Posted: Aug 24, 2020
Aug 18, 2020 · Perhaps Melody chose a wig because she needs her roots touched up and can't get to a salon in LA. California's governor recently reopened hair ...
Aug 22, 2020 · Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) reveals the real reason behind her wig on Y&R. Learn more here-->>>
Aug 24, 2020 · Young and Restless' Melody Thomas Scott Explains Why She's Been Wearing a Wig as Nikki Newman.
Melody Thomas Scott, who portrays Nikki Newman. ... ok and if there was perhaps a health issue underlying the decision to have her wear a wig on the show.
Aug 21, 2020 · No, her hair didn't change color during the pandemic. Rather, the actress sports a dark blonde wig during her scenes on Y&R. Fans were thrown ...
Aug 19, 2020 · More about that in a second, but first, I must ask you: Who the heck is Nikki Newman, and why is the gal wearing a wig?