She turns to Louis and says they need to talk, but Chuck interrupts and says the pair have his blessing and he is pleased they are getting married. Recap · Starring
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Did Louis actually love Blair?
In the beginning of the season, Louis proved to viewers he was really in love with Blair: he sided with her over his family (even possibly giving up his title) and was thrilled when he heard he was going to be a father. ... Enter Chuck, who has now become the man Blair has always wanted...just a little too late.
What happens to Louis in Gossip Girl?
They marry, but their wedding is interrupted by a video of Blair's confession of love to Chuck, and Louis makes sure Blair knows he only married her to save face and behind the scenes, they have no relationship. Eventually, with the help of Georgina Sparks, Blair and Louis divorce.
What happens in the wrong goodbye in Gossip Girl?
Georgina Sparks turns up looking to get into trouble, and finds out a secret Charlie has been keeping. Meanwhile, Serena and Vanessa reluctantly join forces to find Charlie, who has not take Dan's rejection of her well. Blair must make a choice between the men in her life when her life is put in danger.
Is Blair's baby chucks or Louis?
In the fifth season, Blair is revealed to be pregnant with Prince of Monaco, Louis Grimaldi's child. However the child later dies before birth after a car crash Blair and Chuck were in.
May 16, 2011 · So just as Blair is about to break the news to Louis that it is over between them, Chuck steps in and says that Blair and Louis has his blessing ...
May 17, 2011 · Blair must have thought so, too, because when she and Chuck finally return to the party and meet Louis, she's about to break it off. That's when ...
"The Wrong Goodbye" is the 87th episode of The CW television series Gossip Girl. It is also the 22nd and final episode of the fourth season. Plot · Production · Casting
May 17, 2011 · When Chuck pulled an about-face and gave Louis his blessing, ... Do you think Blair and Louis will have their happily ever after?
May 17, 2011 · At the party at Constance, Chuck is on the hunt for Blair and leaves ... Louis still waiting for Blair, he gives them his blessing and tells ...
May 17, 2011 · She turns to Louis and says they need to talk, but Chuck interrupts and says the pair have his blessing and he is pleased they are getting ...
Jan 30, 2012 · Executive producers Josh Safran and Stephanie Savage give the ... But at what point does Chuck, who finds out about Blair's pact with God ...
May 16, 2011 · ... off with Prince Louis, until Chuck intervened and gave Prince Louis his blessing and left. Blair ran after him to ask why he did that, ...
May 15, 2011 · Performed as Serena & Vanessa discuss what to do about the Charlie ... finds Louis still waiting for Blair; Chuck gives Louis his blessing.