TF1 Group / Founder
Francis Bouygues

Francis Bouygues

French businessman
Francis Bouygues was a French businessman and film producer. He founded the industrial company Bouygues in 1952 and ran it until 1989, when his son Martin Bouygues succeeded him. Wikipedia
Born: December 5, 1922, Paris, France
Died: July 24, 1993, Saint-Coulomb, France
Spouse: Monique Bouygues (m. 1946–1993)
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Following successful trials of a "high-definition" 455-line electronic television system designed by Thomson-Houston which improved on the 405-line system ... History · TF1 (since 1975) · Programmes · Sports Digital terrestrial television: Channel 1 (HD) Country: France Owner: TF1 Group Timeshift service: TF1 +1
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Where is TF1 based?
TF1 headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt (TF1 Tower)
1975 1987 (privatized)
Government of France
TF1 Tower, Boulogne-Billancourt , France
Key people
Gilles Pélisson (Chairman and CEO)
When was TF1 released?
TF1 Group
26 April 1935 (first predecessor channel) 6 January 1975 (present; as TF1)
What is on TF1?
TF1 is the channel of big events, emotions and live TV. It offers programming in news, entertainment, drama, sport, cinema, kids TV, magazines and documentaries. Its tagline: “Sharing positive vibes”. TMC is the no.
How many people watch TF1?
20 million fans in social networks. 35 million. Nonce PAOLINI, Chairman of the TF1 group : «This year, we injected even more optimism, joy and irreverence into our programmes, while strengthening their exclusive and highly spectacular character.
The group was formed after TF1 was privatized in 1987. It is controlled with a 43 % stake by Bouygues, and is quoted on Euronext Paris. On 18 May 2021, TF1 ... History · Operations · Television Products: Television broadcasting and production, websites, media investments Revenue: €2.288 billion (2018) Number of employees: 3,135 (2018) Net income: €128 million (2018)
TF1, which originally stood for Télévision Française 1 (French Television 1), was created on 1 January 1975 when law no. 74-696 on 7 August 1974 (which split ...
May 17, 2021 · Value creation for all shareholders of both groups through annual synergies ( EBITA impact) estimated at €250M to €350M, within three years after ...
Actualités et communiqués du Groupe TF1 - Offres d'emploi et de stage, ... and digital worlds, media convergence and long-term value creation strategy". With :
In 2019, he created Unify, the new home for all of the TF1 Group's acquisitions in the digital sphere: aufeminin, Doctissimo, Gamned!, Ykone, Les Numériques, ...
Apr 15, 2021 · History. TF1 stood first for Television France 1 created in 1978. TF1 was the only channel in France for 28 years so I had Broadcasted Parent and ...
Company presentation. Created in 1995, TF1 International is the worldwide distribution and acquisition arm of the TF1 Group, one of the leading media groups ...
Nov 14, 2018 · The TF1 Group is the leading private-sector television broadcaster in ... Finally, the TF1 Group has created a large range of businesses in key ...
TF1 Group is also owner of Eurosport, the largest European sports network. The group was formed after TF1 was privatised in 1987. It is controlled with a 43% ...