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Is Rob Heaps married?
There is just not a single reason to like or even fall in love with the actor, but the thing is, Rob Heaps does not have a wife. He is not married, and we cannot find a single trace of a girlfriend also. Rob is close to almost all his co-stars, but all of them are his friends.
Does Rob heaps have an accent?
He's British In fact, Rob Heaps is so good with an American accent that he really could pass for one. Heaps is a native of York, England, and he's as far from American as you can imagine.
How old is Rob Heaps?
37 years (July 11, 1983)
Rob Heaps / Age
Where was Rob Heaps born?
York, United Kingdom
Rob Heaps / Place of birth
Filmography · Known For. Film: Call To Spy, A
1. Good Girls (2018– ) · 2. Death in Paradise (2011– ) · 3. A Call to Spy (2019) · 4. Imposters (2017– ) · 5. Law & Order: UK (2009–2014) · 6. And Then There Were ...
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Most American actors do horrible when they try to play British characters, but British actors always do well when trying to do an American accent. In fact, Rob ...
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This is the only information there is about his education and qualifications. CAREER. Rob Heaps started his career by making a debut in the TV movie, the ...