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Set on one of Europe's most environmentally sensitive stretches of coast on Scotland's Northeast coastline, the drama charts the unbelievable true story of...
6 days ago
The public's obsession with true crime stories has been around for as long as humans ... Cocaine Cowboys makes available the unbelievable intricacies of...
1 day ago
The story never runs out of steam, it seems — it just keeps coming back as the genre gains more mainstream popularity. This new HBO Max adaptation is a dramatic...
5 days ago
The series tells the sad but true story of the Central Park Five, ... The series retold the completely unbelievable yet honest story of John Darwin faking...
6 hours ago
The Allied victory in World War II hinged on many complex factors, but one of the most unlikely turning points involved the dead body of a Welsh homeless...
5 days ago
The Impossible tells the tragic true story of a family caught in the middle of a ... to discern the truth behind his late father's unbelievable stories.
20 hours ago
And in the small town of Wylie, Texas on that very day, an eerily similar and way more unbelievable ax murder has just occurred. Candy is the story of Candy...
3 days ago
If Eric C. Conn was a fictional character, people would say he was completely unbelievable. RELATED: Apple TV+'s Pachinko Brings a Moving & Sweeping Historical...
4 days ago
Unbelievable is a Netflix original criminal drama based on real-life events that debuted in 2019. The story concerns a teen named Marie Adler,...
2 days ago
In this miniseries based on a true story, viewers get to see the rise and fall of ... and dramatic as it is extremely sad and oftentimes unbelievable.
5 days ago