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2.7014 AJ STP Here Today , Jobs of Tomorrow : Opportunities in Information Technology U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Reprinted from the Fall 1998 issue of the Occupational Outlook Quarterly 9 UNIVERSITY OF ... from
Interests : Bowling , reading , fishing , swimming Health : Excellent Marital Status : Single References Available on request As you can see , only the employment section is 38 ACTION - GETTING RESUMES FOR TODAY'S JOBS. from
Describes the occupations in the information technology field. Examines opportunities in the labor market and earnings for information technology workers. Explains how to prepare for a career in information technology. from
David Greisler, Ronald J. Stupak. 3. Veneri, Carolyn M. Here Today, Jobs of Tomorrow: Opportunities in Information Technology Occupations. Occupational Outlook Quarterly, fall 1998. (Hereafter cited as Veneri, Here Today, Jobs of Tomorrow ... from
WORKSHOP SESSIONS At the end of the first general session , participants divided into 10 assigned workshop groups . The topics selected for discussion were Counseling for Today's Jobs ; Training for Today's Jobs ; Supportive Services for ... from
After explaining the basic method of building a resume, it continues with a chapter on cover letters followed by a large selection of sample resumes from
Skills in Today's Jobs As mentioned in the previous section , employers have problems finding applicants who possess the skills required for today's jobs . In order to provide a more comprehensive understanding of skills in terms of which  ... from
With inadequate academic preparation and no vocational skills , they are not prepared for today's jobs and make up a large portion of our present unemployed . Many of us who are trained for today's jobs , Professor Wagner said , are not ...