This Is Us

A Philadelphia Story

A Philadelphia Story

This Is Us: Season 3, Episode 2
Kevin goes to his movie premiere and the Pearsons support him; the teenage Big Three try to decide where to go to college.
Air date: October 2, 2018
Season number: 3
Episode number: 2
Director: Chris Koch
Writer: Kay Oyegun
Oct 2, 2018 · A quiet, affecting episode centers Randall and Kate as they both struggle to assert what they want in life.
Oct 2, 2018 · The Pearsons get a little lift when a big white envelope from Howard University arrives for Randall: He got in, and as Rebecca hugs her son in ...
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Oct 3, 2018 · After a particularly horrifying display of how broken his family is during a tour of a new house — Rebecca's hearing Jack in her head and ...
The Pearsons gather to support Kevin at his movie premiere; the teenage Big Three make college decisions.
Air Date: Oct 2, 2018
For Kate and Toby, their IVF journey began moving forward as Kate is now taking hormone shots to get her body ready. Upon meeting with her mom and Miguel, it ...
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Sep 22, 2022 · Watch A Philadelphia Story (Season 3, Episode 2) of This Is Us or get episode details on ...
Posted: Sep 22, 2022
Oct 3, 2018 · Brown as Randall Pearson on "This. Spoiler alert! The following contains spoilers from Season 3, Episode 2 of "This Is Us," "A Philadelphia ...
Oct 2, 2018 · With its second season 3 episode, "A Philadelphia Story," This Is Us continues to start the season off on a quieter note, which is ...
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Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, and Susan Kelechi Watson in This Is Us ... In season 1 episode 2 it is said that Williams apartment is in Philadelphia ?
Oct 3, 2018 · While adult Randall is having an identity crisis, teenage Randall is stepping up and doing his best to fill his father's shoes. Rebecca and the ...