The Jamie Kennedy Experiment


Episode 3

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment: Season 2, Episode 3
A young man meets his dream date, who turns out to be Jamie Kennedy in drag; a deranged dentist terrorizes unsuspecting patients.
Air date: October 3, 2002
loading. Contains segments "Valet - Gangbanger", "Singing Hypnotist - Kelso", and "Oblivious Owner". Episode #2.19. S2, Ep19. 3 Apr. 2003. Episode #2.19.
... Jamie Kennedy. With Jamie Kennedy, Gina Coconato, Mark Riccadonna. ... The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (2002–2007) ... Season 2 | Episode 3. Previous.
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Feb 16, 2021 ˇ Season 2 Episode 3Cavity Check, Real Families, Palm Reader.Duration: 22:05
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The Jamie Kennedy Experiment is a half-hour-long American hidden camera/ practical joke ... 2 Syndication; 3 Home media; 4 External links ... Also used during the second season, but with Lou Hollander having a paper ... Paramount Home Media Distribution released all three seasons of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment on ...
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment episodes from every season can be seen below, ... JKX sketches are usually done at least three times, with different marks. ... Jamie presents two skits in which Lou Hollander, the driving instructor from Show 4 ...
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IMDb6.2/10.0 ... The Jamie Kennedy Experiment - The Complete Third Season by Paramount by Fax Bahr Andrew Kozar ... The DVD set is awesome with so many episodes - all of them are funny - knee slappers - its really that hilarious to see ...
Rating (23) The Complete Jamie Kennedy Experiment (3 Season Pack): Jamie Kennedy, Mark Riccadonna, Gina Coconato, Nick Swardson, John Donahue, ...
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The collectible 3 disc-set includes all third season episodes of the contemporary " Candid Camera"-style show as well as never-before-seen special features.