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Rejuvamed Skin Care - Cosmetic Treatments by Doctors

Schedule a free consultation with one of our physicians at our state of the art facility. Restore your youthful glow. For a better you! Skincare By Physicians. For a Better You. Your Youthful Glow.
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AdPrescription treatment website

Add Volume to Plump Lips, Smooth Lines, or Lift & Contour Cheeks. Collection of Fillers. Learn More about Aesthetic Treatment. Non-surgical Option. Talk to Your Doctor Today. Clinically Proven. Savings Program. Enroll Now. FDA-Approved.
Cosmetic Microcurrent Toner - Electric Face Massage Device

The most versatile personal face toner on the market using Silver Sculpting Gloves. Hand held microcurrent device intended for home use featuring new generation microcurrent. Manufactured in the USA. Free DEMOs. Platinum Nano.