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... 1892 , an order was entered in said Wayne circuit court , in chancery , appointing Stephen Baldwin , of Detroit , this State , as such ancillary receiver of all the property and effects of the order within the State of Michigan .
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415 446 Q. Did you tell that to Mr. Baldwin ? A. I do not recollect whether I did or not . Q. How did Stephen Baldwin put it in that statement if you did not tell him ? A. He did apparently . Q. So he anticipated that as well ?
stephen baldwin from
an ial enjoyment in the collection of Oriental Baldwin was graduated from the Nunda porcelain . ... While engaged at Eminent Inventor . his architectural profession , Mr. Baldwin Frank Stephen Baldwin , eminent in- devoted some time to ...
stephen baldwin from
He and Stephen Baldwin are escaped cons chained together running for freedom in the action/drama Fled. As Piper (Fishburne) and Dodge (Baldwin), the pair are chained because they disliked each other and are on a work detail during which ...