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45 months ago We get a nifty piece of exposition as a reporter explains that Ward sang like an osteopathic canary — about the call girls and the Russian spy...
58 months ago The second series comes to an end, and while there's some joy in reconciliation there's also heartbreak in store for the Poldark finale.
39 months ago Warning: This article contains spoilers for all 10 episodes of Westworld season 2. Westworld– the HBO series in which a theme park full of...
2 months ago Now, its highly anticipated, 12-episode second season has officially premiered, and more episodes will soon be available to stream.
28 months ago Now Buzzfeed has homed in on two other details from the scene. First of all, Dany walks towards the Iron Throne, but turns away at the last...
87 months ago It's amazing. I'd watch an entire mini-series of just the two of them trying to one-up each other with their underground spy network.
65 months ago Jimmy's commercial makes its TV debut, and Jimmy is immediately flush with clients. He's pulled away from them, however, by the news that Chuck...
88 months ago "Yousaf" felt a lot like a first season episode of the show, by which I mean it was full of Spy Stuff. The extended sequence where Larrick broke...
5 months ago Proceed at your own risk! A major crisis was averted in For All Mankind's Season 2 finale by the heroic sacrifice of not one but two astronauts.
55 months ago Quantico. JMPALM. Season 2 Episode 10. Editor's Rating 3 stars ***.