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Scare Tactics episode (season 2, episode 22)
A house party is crashed by some unwelcome visitors from beyond, a felon on the run ambushes a crime scene technician, and a woman finds an audio tape of a murder.
A serial killer is set free; a woman sets her daughter up to have her car stolen; a murderous beast disrupts a camping trip; kidnapping. Genres: Reality, Comedy.
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Jul 15, 2021 ˇ Episode 222. Scare Tactics: Season 2: Episode 22. USER SCORE ˇ No score yet ˇ tbd ...
Posted: Jul 15, 2021
Season 2 Episode 21 - Alien House Call. An arsonist opens fire with a flame-thrower; an alien is revived during an autopsy; a security guard is menaced by a ...
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“Scare Tactics” season two continues the tradition of getting people to "believe the unbelievable." Unsuspecting victims find themselves in shocking ...
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Host Tracy Morgan helps scare a caterer caught in the middle a deadly food ... too lazy to put Scare Tactis from 1 season) and I'm surprised in a good way.
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Scare Tactics (2003) ... Prisoners scene was just very lame and not scary at all, I don't get why they made it. helpful•0 ... Runtime. 22 minutes ...
Episode 1 of Season 5. Driver's Dead. 22m. Brooke Hogan assists in a deadly driving school. A retina scan causes a red-hot reaction.
Original Airing: Apr 15 2004; Season: Scare Tactics - Season 2; Episode Number: 6 ... Season: Scare Tactics - Season 1; Episode Number: 22.
Catch up on Scare Tactics - Season 1 episode 22, broadcast by Monday 11 August 2014. You can watch other episodes of Scare Tactics as well. This frig...
Scare Tactics is a hidden camera/comedy television show, produced by Kevin Healey and Scott Hallock. Its first two seasons aired from April 2003 to December ...