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3 days ago ... US government funding a secret program to study an alien Tamaran run by a ... his affinity to wield fear as a weapon and employ violent scare tactics to...
1 week ago ... opting for psychological scare tactics such as holding parents and their ... in her speaking in an alien language, presumably with her sister Blackfire,...
21 hours ago He talked about the long-time intimidation of Black bus riders, ... used strategies and tactics used by the Black community in their civil rights efforts.
2 weeks ago As such, it's one of the first truly scary movies ever made, and hugely ... A huge influence on everything from 'Alien' to 1982's sorta remake 'The Thing.
2 weeks ago ... many of whom had been drilled in military tactics during World War I and ... own “October,” responded with the first “Red Scare” and savage repression.
2 weeks ago Additionally, a “Red Scare” broke out in the U.S. during which several public ... under the Alien Registration Act of 1940 in New York City dated Aug.
2 weeks ago Unfortunately, he isn't the only alien being on his way to Earth, ... Farquaad's vicious tactics, combined with belief in his righteous cause to amass even...
2 days ago Is it the shameless msm/biden* scare tactics? ... to exclude MS-13 gang members from any potential illegal alien amnesty — because reasons ('muh economy',...