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... tried and untrue scare tactics as a substitute for solid policy proposals. ... an invitation to respond should an “intelligent alien race find the space...
2 days ago
The Faculty. Stokes Mitchell running from water Miramax Films. A worthwhile spin on the Red Scare paranoia conjured in...
6 days ago
... briefly as Susan's date before the alien asteroid turns her into a giant. ... The two meet when Mike is very young, and Frank's scare tactics teach the...
1 week ago
... puts it: Pandemics, Natural Disasters, Nuclear War and Alien Invasion. ... has historically often leaned on scare tactics as much as practical advice.
3 weeks ago
The finds increased the number of known alien planets by 60%. ... thanks to their surprisingly rich repertoire of reconciliation tactics.
1 day ago
... weakest entry in the series, a grab bag of conventional shocks that's unfortunately tethered to the distinct (and dated) scare tactics of the late '90s.
7 months ago
Scare Tactics: 7 Female Horror Composers and Their Spookiest Soundtracks ... After assimilating the body of a young woman, an alien life form travels around...
1 month ago
Survival horror games usually try to scare players by keeping them ... Stranded on planet PNF-404, Olimar befriends alien creatures known as pikmin.
3 days ago
... intimidation tactics to turn away and disenfranchise Black voters. ... Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, which would have given these...
2 weeks ago
Banning books and using Critical Race Theory propaganda to scare the public ... and Le Pen was using some of the same tactics as Trump and the Republican...
3 weeks ago