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2 weeks ago ... in their efforts to distance themselves from drug-war scare tactics, ... “druggies” as some alien group whose experience is completely unlike their own.
3 weeks ago Don't fall for the scare tactics some of these scammers are trying to take. ... There may be about a 45% chance of there being alien life, according to one...
4 weeks ago ... after the refugee and migrant crisis, using Angela Merkel's admission of 1m Syrians and others to scare Polish voters. Sadly, such tactics still work.
1 week ago Also Read: 'Alien Abduction: Incident In Lake County' Is The Perfect ... He unsuccessfully tries to scare her by lunging and screaming at her and asking...
3 weeks ago The Red Scare was still running its course in 1954, and U.S. Congress took ... funding levels for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP).
3 weeks ago Suppression efforts historically—particularly in Jim Crow southern states—included intimidation tactics to turn away and disenfranchise Black voters.