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May 2, 2013 · Cameos- Sandra Bernhard, Janeane Garofalo and Jon Favreau . Chris visits a movie set ...
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Sarah Bernhardt was a French stage actress who starred in some of the most popular French plays of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including La Dame ...
Apr 9, 2015 · Oscar nominee Lorraine Bracco, Dr. Jennifer Melfi, Tony Soprano's ... "Plus, she wanted to sit," fellow WWHL guest Sandra Bernhard said.
Writer-actor-director Ben Rimalower rounds up the best theatre, cabaret and drag stars performing off the beaten path in Provincetown for
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Who auditioned for Carmela Soprano?
7 Almost Played It: Lorraine Bracco And just as Liotta turned down the role of Tony, Bracco turned down the role of Carmela, feeling it was too similar to her previous mob wife role.
Who is Sandra Bernhard partner?
Sara Switzer
Personal life. Bernhard is bisexual and a strong supporter of LGBT rights. On July 4, 1998, she gave birth to a daughter, whom she raised with Sara Switzer, her partner of over 20 years.
Is Sandra Bernhard related to Sarah Bernhardt?
She may have no genetic relationship to the boundary-busting 19th-century French Jewish actress Sarah Bernhardt, but the singer, actor and comedian Sandra Bernhard is every inch as brazen and sexually uninhibited as her putative namesake.
Jan 8, 2020 · Comedian and actress Sandra Bernhard will appear in conversation with S.F. drag performer Peaches Christ in an SF Sketchfest event.
Sep 23, 2021 · Since our inception, The Wallis has strived to be a civic cultural ... Sandra Bernhard Madness and Mayhem “...within every keenly observed ...
RECITAL OF NAKUTIN PUPILS a unique and altogether successful program Most of ... Miss Howland is so exceptionally fine in Gounod Ferguson Stutz , soprano ...
There was a good audience , but the Gazette obperhaps you can be measurably guided by ... Mr. W. H. assisted by Mrs. H. M. Smith , opened the Star Course of ...
Paula Dreyer is a classically-trained pianist and composer, making music in a unique ... writing concert arrangements for rising star soprano Julia Bullock, ...
Apr 17, 1998 · Here is a selective listing of new or noteworthy cabaret shows in Manhattan ... This year's nominees include Sandra Bernhard, Ruth Brown, ...