Timeline of turmoil: All 8 arrested in Quad-Cities unrest, including police ambush, are local men. Thomas Geyer; Jun 1, 2020; Jun 1, 2020 Updated Jan 12, ...
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What are the 5 Quad Cities?
Quad Cities, complex of cities at the Iowa-Illinois border, on the Mississippi River, U.S. Despite its name, the region includes five main cities: Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline, Illinois, and Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa. There are also several smaller contiguous communities.
Is the Quad Cities growing?
One major finding: From 2010 to 2019, the population of the metropolitan Quad-Cities increased by just 1.1%, from 376,00 to 381,000, while the foreign-born population grew by 3,694, an 18.6% increase.
What are the Quad Cities famous for?
The Quad Cities is home to Fortune 500 company Deere & Company. There are 150 other companies on Fortune 500 and 1000 lists that have a presence in the region, as well as the Rock Island Arsenal, a major military installation.
What is the nicest city in the Quad Cities?
Jun 1, 2020 · East Kimberly Road at Elmore Avenue was empty in Davenport, Iowa Monday, June 1, 2020. The community was extremely quiet at 9:50 p.m. Twenty- ...
Unrest devastates a city's landmark street of diversity ... Here's a look at temperatures across the Quad Cities Area.#QCWx #iawx #ilwx.
Jun 1, 2020 · Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms said Rock Island and Moline, Illinois will implement a curfew after riots in Davenport, Iowa overnight led to two ...
Jun 4, 2020 · (Meg McLaughlin/Quad City Times via AP) ... a 22-year-old Rock Island man as the second victim killed in riots last weekend in Davenport.
The shooting death of Marquis Tousant the morning of June 1 during the riots that began the night before has been ruled a justifiable shooting by police,...
May 31, 2020 · "Due to civil unrest in the Davenport area, the Davenport Police Department and City officials request all residents stay in their homes and ...
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A mostly historical retelling of the real life story of the deadly Astor Place Riots which broke out between May 7 and 10, 1849, in New York City over a.
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