Miss Guided

Miss Guided (Miss/Guided)

2008 ‧ Sitcom ‧ 1 season
64% · Rotten Tomatoes 7.6/10 · IMDb 63% · TV Guide
Returning to her former high school to work as a guidance counselor, a newly confident Rebecca Freely encounters an unexpected and unwelcome sense of deja vu. She'd love to conjugate with the handsome Spanish teacher, Tim, but her old nemesis,...
First episode date: March 18, 2008
Final episode date: April 3, 2008
Program creators: Ashton Kutcher and Caroline Williams
Miss Guided ; Todd Holland Karey Burke Jason Goldberg Mark Hudis Ashton Kutcher · Single-camera · 30 minutes · Katalyst Media · 20th Century Fox Television.
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This reality series follows the employees of fashion brand Missguided as they travel to shoots, negotiate collaborations and brainstorm new looks.
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Rating (25)
The delightful comic actress Judy Greer is just right as a slightly dotty guidance counselor back to solve a few of her own high school issues. Full Review.
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Miss Guided is an ABC network sitcom series created by Caroline Williams, ... by Katalyst Films, Ashton Kutcher's Studio at 20th Century Fox Television.
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