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jen lilley tongue tied from
CHRISTINE ELtEN JEN. ... 1976 lor a transfer of Such Licence to the said DAVID III- LEY and AUDREY MAY LILLEY. ... SIGNED' by the the presence of: J, L. Thomp- <on Solicitor AotjRESS" AT 1fVmCjJ0 OOCU- M -hael A. C«tie Soi.t.tor, ...
jen lilley tongue tied from
John UXPI ham was home again; and not n promise ho made but was increasoil Jen-fold by his syearlng henchman, ... to which, as sho acquired th" Knglish tongue, she made answci , which tnswers recalled to Yeo that fair Spanish ludy of ...
jen lilley tongue tied from
LILLEY, ADMINISTRATION The administration of tne Estate ot BERNICE D LILLEY, deceased, File Number M sol CP. ... 7 Pill Book 0 "'age II Name In which assessed Jen W. Ven Ess Seid property being in the County of Marlon, State of Florida.