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A key foundational lesson of our school's new Israel history unit is that there is no single definition of Zionism. Replete with complexity, sometimes it...
4 days ago
(New York Jewish Week) — A speaker with a history of anti-Israel statements gave a commencement speech at a CUNY School of Law graduation ceremony last...
8 hours ago
In some ways, Hollywood and Israel is two books in one: Part of the story is a business history of the film industry portraying Zionism, Israel, and Middle...
22 hours ago
The second phase of Israeli electoral history began after the surprising “revolution” victory of Menachem Begin's right-wing Likud party in 1977.
15 hours ago
Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed by Israeli forces on May 11, while covering an Israeli military raid in the occupied West Bank city of...
9 hours ago
Israeli police said “dozens of extremists” broke into a section of the religious site ... Netanyahu called “one of the worst” disasters in Israel's history.
1 day ago
The Jerusalem Post referred to the simulation, which is reportedly being dubbed "Chariots of Fire," as the "largest military drill" in Israel's history,...
3 days ago
Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) agreed that the resolution has no “hope of moving forward,” claiming the resolution seeks to “rewrite history and question Israel's...
2 days ago
So, too, were Jebusites, the biblical inhabitants of Jerusalem. Based on these fanciful claims an imaginary “Palestinian” history of 5,000 years was implanted...
1 day ago
Ancient artifacts seized by Israeli authorities. Photo: Yuli Schwartz/Israel Antiquities Authority. In one of the biggest recoveries in the country's history,...
1 day ago