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3 hours ago All five Western Conference starters came from teams chasing the Suns for the ... If you ask Devin Booker, though, he doesn't care if he's a starter or not.
5 hours ago Penn swimmer slams school's handling of Lia Thomas saga: 'They don't actually care about women at all'. Comments come after NCAA updated its transgender...
17 hours ago She said, "For all the right-wing's hysteria over Joe Biden's handling of the economy, you would never know that it's actually doing pretty great … Inflation...
31 mins ago “I'm not afraid of any format of the meeting bilateral, OK, I don't care, I'm ready,” Zelensky said in news conference with foreign journalists on Friday.
1 day ago I didn't care too much about it, with all the big actors and everything. Naw." Day After Tomorrow, which stars Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emmy Rossum and...
20 hours ago ... that we all wear high-performance, medical-style masks, known as respirators — N95s, KN95s and KF94s — mask care is more important than ever.
9 hours ago “They're either so burned out or so negative that they wind up not caring,” he ... clean and communicating any issues to their landlord as soon as possible.
6 hours ago “In professional football, there is no recruiting. It's all scheme and it's all roster management.” OK, so all that time spent recruiting in college can be used...
22 hours ago A shining example of Heat culture, Tucker prefers to keeps all questions about a game win geared toward the entire team. DO NOT TELL PJ TUCKER HIS 3-POINT...
20 hours ago The All-American DT prospect from Cedar Grove High School in Metro Atlanta ... you know me personally, you know I don't care about all of that,” he said.