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27 mins ago “It is an infant, and it must by any standard of human decency be treated as such.” Yet Dr. Erika Boothman, a Columbus OBGYN, said Thursday that while the bill...
47 mins ago For R.A. Long coach Josh Johnson, it was all about getting his wrestlers some ... “I don't care if we lose every dual, I don't care if we lose every match.
47 mins ago Additionally, there was no longer any doubt that Alabama was still adding to the greatest run college football ... We don't care if you call it a dynasty.
21 mins ago Of course, you likely don't care about any of this if you're a MOBA player. ... of grabbing any old Pokemon it feels like and calling them an Attacker.
50 mins ago “I know the frustration that we all feel with this omicron variant, ... “I don't care whether the measure will cost me some extra votes in the elections,”...
47 mins ago Did doing The Masked Singer inspire you to think about making any new music ... so until that's completely taken care of, I don't have any plans as of yet.
14 mins ago Or they would come up to me — and I don't care how much press you do on something that ... But performing isn't all nostalgia for camp Headhunters in 2021.
46 mins ago So many people care. While almost every sports league saw viewership decrease during the pandemic, the WNBA and the NWSL saw their viewership increase.
41 mins ago A conscious effort to take care of the football and make sure that we're not handing ... "If you look at us, we run more '11' than any team in the league,"...
29 mins ago Brad Stevens Responds To Anonymous Coach Saying Jayson Tatum Doesn't Care About ... on that quote because, first of all, he has never been around Jayson.