Season 2, Episode 4 of Hi-Jinks is available to watch and stream on Nickelodeon. You can also buy, rent Hi-Jinks on demand at Amazon, Apple TV online.
How to watch Hi-Jinks Season 2 episode 4 Patti LaBelle on Kodi. ... Season 2 Episode 6 - Tony Hawk / Darlene Westgor. Air Date : 4th-Apr-2006 Read More.
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This special episode of Hi-Jinks is hosted by Leila Sbitani while roaming a cemetery in the dead of night on Halloween eve. Buy SD $1.99 ...
Episode 1. Alan Thicke. Tue, Feb 28, 2006 30 mins. Alan Thicke pulls an elaborate switcheroo on his 8-year-old son, Carter.
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HD - Hi-Jinks, HD, 4,1 Mb/s. Hi-Jinks Full, Full HD ... All Episode in Season 2 ... Hi-Jinks is a hidden camera show that premiered on Nick at Nite in 2005.
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... Chris Andrew Ciulla, Paige Cooper. The second season of HiJinks brings you more pranks...more celebrity pranksters...and more sweet revenge for parents!
Season 2 consisted of 12 final episodes and aired from February 28, 2006 to August 15, 2006. Celebrities who guest starred[edit]. Alan Thicke · Alfonso Ribeiro ...
As for Rebekah's promise to show Matt every inch of the Louvre, ... check out the chapter “Doppelgänger Hijinks Ensued” in Love You to Death — Season 2.
The Monkees (TV Series [1966–1968]), episode “Monstrous Monkee Mash”; U.S., Season 2, Episode 18, ... They all arrive at the castle and hi-jinks ensue.