Season 4 definitely dragged as a whole, and while this end was rewarding, it isn't enough to keep the tension that drove the show in its early days. The changing power dynamics were exactly what the show needed, but it didn't come fast enough.
Jul 22, 2021
Rating (6)
Critic Reviews for Good Girls: Season 4 ... The show leans into the frivolous and feminine, not just in tone, but in character and plot, too. It takes assumptions ...

Premiere Date: Mar 7, 2021
Executive producers: Dean Parisot, Jeannine Renshaw, Mark Wilding
'Good Girls' finale recap: After being forced into a heist by the agents, Beth and Rio form an unlikely alliance with shocking consequences.
Duration: 1:30
Posted: Jul 22, 2021
Mar 6, 2021 · NBC's crime dramedy Good Girls digs deeper into the grind of a life of crime in season 4 but loses a bit of its spark in the process.
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Good Girls fourth season made for an incredibly frustrating watch, only serving to amplify the repetitive story telling andStill caught up in Rio's criminal ...
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In season 2 episode 10, Annie mentions that she "only ever made it to brown birds". Mae Whitman played a Girl Scout on the show Friends who was a Brown Bird and ...