For unknown reasons, Peter remarked to Derek that their relationship would be doomed if she ever found out that he was a Werewolf, and ...
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Sometime later, Derek entered into a relationship with werewolf hunter Kate Argent. She used him to gather information on his family making him an unwitting ...Duration: 2:24
Posted: Oct 25, 2018
Dec 19, 2020 · Teen Wolf's Derek Hale has been on the most drastic journey of all of our favorite characters. And this just makes us love him even more.
Sep 14, 2019 · 1 SUPPORTED: STILES STILINSKI & DEREK HALE ... The couple of Stiles and Derek was created by Teen Wolf fans. Despite their non-canon status, ...
Despite having got off on the wrong foot, Derek entered into a romantic relationship with Paige. He began to fall deeply in love with her, and she with him.
Aug 28, 2021 · Derek Hale ends up with Braeden. And they are living happily. Let's know something more about these two. Braeden and Derek were in a romantic ...