Tyler Hoechlin's reprisal of his role as Derek Hale in the upcoming Teen Wolf ... hilarious one-liners, and complex romantic relationships,...
2 days ago
Kate is one of the most power-hungry werewolf hunters in Teen Wolf, so it's not surprising that Derek's relationship with her is a catastrophe.
5 months ago
Teen Wolf's Derek Hale is a very "love him or hate him" sort of character. He has gone back and forth between being a hero,...
5 months ago
Peter Hale was ultimately a very selfish, self-serving character, ... and that's when his relationship with Derek also improved a bit.
3 weeks ago
... According to Paramount+ 'Tyler Hoechlin' to Return as Derek Hale ... of modern dating and the role males play in failed relationships.
1 week ago
... a deal to return as Derek Hale in the streamer's upcoming "Teen Wolf" movie. ... with Notni as Lolita Marquez, "the love of his youth.
1 week ago
Derek always prided himself on not needing anyone, especially after his attempt at creating a pack went awry. But throughout the show, the fans...
3 months ago
Scott's transformation triggers a new mentor/mentee relationship with Derek Hale and a catalyst for Stiles to start searching into the...
11 months ago
Theo Raeken Malia Tate Liam Dunbar Scott Mccall Allison Argent Danny Māhealani Derek Hale Lydia Martin.
1 month ago
1 Chris Argent & Scott McCall 2 Lydia Martin & Stiles Stilinski 3 Derek Hale & Chris Argent 4 Isaac Lahey & Scott McCall 5 Liam Dunbar &...
6 months ago