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Find FAQs For A Treatment For Hospitalized Patients With SARS-CoV-2 And COVID-19. Read About A COVID-19 Treatment Authorized For Use In Hospitalized Patients. Info For Prescribers. Dosing & Administration. Patient Fact Sheets. FDA Authorization Letter. Safety Information. HCP Fact Sheets. Types: Dosing, Efficacy, Safety, Resources.

Learn more about what COVID-19 is, what causes it, and how it spreads. If you've never had COVID-19, join the fight and participate in a clinical trial. COVID-19 Clinical Trials.

Fast and Sensitive Test for Various Infectious Diseases Now Available from Hologic. Run Other Common Respiratory Assays Simultaneously for Boosted Efficiency. Expanded Menu. 32 Different Assays. Unparalleled Automation. Competitive Throughput.